In the Name of the Family on the new Life Partnership Act

Regarding the adoption of the Life Partnership Act for same-sex persons in the Croatian Parliament, the representatives of the association “In the Name of the Family” have stated that they are deeply disappointed by the fact that MPs from the ruling parties put their party’s will before the will of Croatian voters and citizens clearly expressed in the first constituent national referendum in December 2013.  The imposition of this Act opposes integrity, fundamental democracy principles and the Croatian Constitution. It harms children and tries to relativize the social significance of a union between a man and a woman, and that of the family, in order to impose further a certain ideology to the Croatian society by force. Just like the Family Act, this poorly conceived and ideological Act will fail, said the president of the association “In the Name of the Family”, Lino Zonjić.

Adoption of the Life Partnership Act for same-sex persons thwarts the voters’ will expressed in the referendum, and therefore creates a huge mistrust of citizens in the rule of law. The Act is inconsistent with the rest of the legislation of the Republic of Croatia, poses serious threats to the freedom of thought, speech, education and religion, and even manages to be discriminatory.

The Life Partnership Act for same-sex persons introduces institutes from the family law and processes which actually pertain to marriage and marital relations, and arranges them in an identical way, only under a different name.

It makes it impossible for small and large enterprises in Croatia and for public administration employees to act freely, according to their conscience.

The Life Partnership Act for same-sex persons interferes with the substance of dozens of laws that are lex specialis for specific legal areas. The adoption of this Act creates legal insecurity, because it is inconsistent with a series of acts and in many aspects almost unenforceable.

The association believes that all of the above is absolutely unacceptable, both legally and in practice, and will advocate for a new Parliament convocation after the next parliamentary elections to correct this one and a series of other poorly conceived and inadequate legal solutions of Minister Bauk and the current Government!


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